Shanna McCullough in 80s sex comedies


Name: Blue Ice

Blue Ice will take you to unbridled heights in XXXtacy! Jacqueline Lorains will go deep undercover and expose the truth in the way that she only knows how with her hot body and insatiable sexual appetite, she will take you on a sex adventure that'll melt your world!

Categories: 80s sex comedies, Shanna McCullough, 1985, United States, English, Phil Marshak, Shanna McCullough, Jacqueline Lorains, Danielle, Helga Sven, Adrienne Bellaire, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Hershel Savage, Francois, Bill Margold, Reggie Nalder, Long Chaney, Iarkin McCallister, Facial

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Jamie Gillis,Paul Thomas,Hershel Savage,Francois,Bill Margold,Reggie Nalder,Long Chaney,Iarkin McCallister

Actress: Shanna McCullough,Jacqueline Lorains,Danielle,Helga Sven,Adrienne Bellaire

Year: 1985

Language: English

Director: Phil Marshak

Duration: 145 min

Country: United States

Shanna McCullough in 80s sex comedies

Saturday, July 9, 2016


80s sex comediesShanna McCullough1985United StatesEnglishPhil MarshakJacqueline LorainsDanielleHelga SvenAdrienne BellaireRon JeremyJamie GillisPaul ThomasHershel SavageFrancoisBill MargoldReggie NalderLong ChaneyIarkin McCallisterFacial

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