Catherine Castel videos - "Les week-ends d'un couple pervers"


Name: Les week-ends d'un couple pervers

Country: France

Language: French

Duration: 70 min


Year: 1976

This is a romantic adult film about a couple. During the week, at the beach, Anne gets to know nice looking girls, seduces them and then she introduces them to her husband at the weekend, who seems to fall in love with practically all of them. During the week, Michel has sex with the twin girls Castel, who wear hippie-like funny white peruques.Many lesbian encounters in this one. Very nice cinematography.At one point (45 minutes into the film) Anne and the blond Beatrice go to visit a movie theatre and they watch Kronhausens La Foire aux Sexes, meanwhile they stick ice-creams in each others pussies!

Categories: Catherine Castel videos, 1976, France, French, Emmanuelle Pareze, Catherine Castel, Eva Khris, Marie-Pierre Castel, Chantal Nora, Daniele Negre, Jacques Insermini, Raymond Pierson

Actors: Jacques Insermini,Raymond Pierson

Actress: Emmanuelle Pareze,Catherine Castel,Eva Khris,Marie-Pierre Castel,Chantal Nora,Daniele Negre

Catherine Castel videos - "Les week-ends d'un couple pervers"

Monday, June 13, 2016


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