Stacy Nichols nude in "Back Seat Bush"


Name: Back Seat Bush

If I never see Stacey Nichols in that huge, ugly blonde wig again, I'll be very happy. I suppose it fits her role as the blonde bimbo waitress, but it certainly hides her natural charms. Nichols' diner serves as the focal point of several interlocking relationships. We first meet the town rich guy (Ted Wilson) and his hangers-on (Nicholas Rage, Caljammer). Wilson is two-timing his sweetie, the gorgeous Summer Knights, with easy lay Brigitte Aim6, Aime is so easy, she lets Wilson and Jammer plug her at the same time. Meanwhile, Knights finds out about Wilson's unfaithfulness, and gets revenge by seducing Rage ... and discovers true love in the process. Meanwhile, willing but innocent Angela Summers gets a few lessons in love-making from Raven, before tackling hunky Steve Drake, whose only thought (just about) is his convertible. If all this sounds like some hardcore American Graffiti, the resemblance extends even to the title cards at the end. However, to his credit, director Ferrand avoids the cliché rock 'n' roll soundtrack and backs his love scenes with smooth, laid-back chords. It's obvious that a lot of care was taken with this production, and it shows.

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 75 min

Director: Jean Pierre Ferrand

Year: 1992

Actress: Raven,Angela Summers,Brigitte Aime,Stacy Nichols,Summer Knight

Actors: Steve Drake,Cal Jammer,Ted Williams,Nick Rage

Categories: Stacy Nichols nude, 1992, United States, English, Jean Pierre Ferrand, Raven, Angela Summers, Brigitte Aime, Stacy Nichols, Summer Knight, Steve Drake, Cal Jammer, Ted Williams, Nick Rage

Stacy Nichols nude in "Back Seat Bush"

Monday, June 13, 2016


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