Sex 1960s - "Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 13"


Name: Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 13

Look at that nice couple on the park bench...where’s she putting her hand? Hey - they’re French kissing - and...wait! She’s unzipping him - putting her head in his lap! Does the Park Commissioner know about this? Now, this pair of ’60s hippie chicks - the slender blonde, the busty brunette, bumping and grinding magnetizally...d’you suppose they’re not virgins? Color footage! These two brunettes, perusing a skin mag...why, they’re kissing! Are they members of the..."third sex"? Or just feminists? Why is that brunette bathing in her nightie? Is she shy? And this class of ’69 couple - disgraceful! The interior decorating, I mean. And those two gals sure are nice to help that poor fella lubricate himself.


Categories: Sex 1960s, 1969, United States, English


Year: 1969

Language: English

Duration: 116 min

Country: United States


Sex 1960s - "Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 13"

Thursday, December 6, 2018


Sex 1960s1969United StatesEnglish

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