Brigitte Cormier ass : "Plaisirs De Lesbos"


Name: Plaisirs De Lesbos

Country: France

Language: French


Year: 1986

Duration: 82 min

Categories: Brigitte Cormier ass, 1986, France, French, Melissa Bonsardo, Corinne Carmona, Brigitte Cormier, Chris Darincourt

Actors: Chris Darincourt

Actress: Melissa Bonsardo,Corinne Carmona,Brigitte Cormier

On holiday with their aunt, in Greece, Beatrice and Odile are discovering the forbidden pleasures. Their aunt's lover initiates them to submarine love. Insatiable in their wild search for sexual perversions, they will offer themselves a great night of debauchery worthy of the orgies of the ancient Greece.

Brigitte Cormier ass : "Plaisirs De Lesbos"

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


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