70s sex films in "Rendezvous in Hell"


Name: Rendezvous in Hell

Rendezvous in Hell is a crime drama concerning a gang of hold-up artists and the ever-ready gun molls who attend to their pleasure. At least, that's what the film pretends to be. In reality, it's a grainy little one-day-wonder whose greatest redeeming aesthetic value is the presence of a young Rene Bond, all bobble-headed and bedroom-eyed.

Categories: 70s sex films, 1973, United States, English, Jimmy De Knight, Rene Bond, Lagusa Bendova, Patti Snyder, Rick Lutze, Interracial

Actors: Rick Lutze

Actress: Rene Bond,Lagusa Bendova,Patti Snyder

Year: 1973

Director: Jimmy De Knight

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 56 min

70s sex films in "Rendezvous in Hell"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


70s sex films1973United StatesEnglishJimmy De KnightRene BondLagusa BendovaPatti SnyderRick LutzeInterracial

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