Bertil sex : "Sommaren med Vanja"


Name: Sommaren med Vanja

Language: Swedish

Country: Sweden

Duration: 78 min

Year: 1980

Director: Harry Lund

Opens in a hotel, story moves on to yachts, homes and anywhere else where the actors can indulge in sex, Sweden rules when it makes adult movies, this should not dissapoint

Categories: Bertil sex, 1980, Sweden, Swedish, Harry Lund, Oili Virta, Kerstin, Ulla, Leila, Mona, Bertil, Harry, Kurre, Orvar, Steven

Actress: Oili Virta,Kerstin,Ulla,Leila,Mona,Bertil

Actors: Harry,Kurre,Orvar,Steven

Bertil sex : "Sommaren med Vanja"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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