Pilar Coll ass - "Girls in the Night Traffic"


Name: Girls in the Night Traffic

Actress: Esther Moser,Kali Hansa,Diotta Fatou,Pilar Coll,Yvonne Eduser

Categories: Pilar Coll ass, 1976, Switzerland, German, Jesus Franco, Esther Moser, Kali Hansa, Diotta Fatou, Pilar Coll, Yvonne Eduser, Eric Falk, Marlies Haas, Adriano Veronesi

Actors: Eric Falk,Marlies Haas,Adriano Veronesi

Country: Switzerland

Language: German

Duration: 93 min

Director: Jesus Franco

Year: 1976

Three girls (Esther Moser, Kali Hansa and Pilar Coll) are friends, one of them is more promiscuous than the other two, but together they get drawn into 'night work' culminating in performing together in a live lesbian sex show in a night club. In the audience is a couple (female) who pay the more promiscuous one to take part in a threesome. She ends up as a bored whore in an oriental brothel. The same thing happens to the other two.

Pilar Coll ass - "Girls in the Night Traffic"

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Pilar Coll ass1976SwitzerlandGermanJesus FrancoEsther MoserKali HansaDiotta FatouPilar CollYvonne EduserEric FalkMarlies HaasAdriano Veronesi

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