Percida Sales : 80s sex video


Name: A Famosa Lingua de Ouro

Actors: Custodio Gomes,Laurente Caragua,Kelly Silva,Rony Chavauty

Categories: 80s sex video, Percida Sales, 1988, Brazil, Portuguese, Tony Vieira, Percida Sales, Custodio Gomes, Laurente Caragua, Kelly Silva, Rony Chavauty

Actress: Percida Sales

Here's what I can tell you: two girls have three way sex with random guys and then eviscerate their penises (or is the plural of penis "penii"?) and put the man meat in a brandy snifter when they're done having their fun. They do this a few times, there's a random scene with a horse, and then a couple of other women catch on to what the penis stealers are doing and become concerned. Cue an inexplicably random scene where a very well-endowed male stripper wearing tube socks and a boa dances in a club.

Duration: 66 min

Director: Tony Vieira

Language: Portuguese

Year: 1988

Country: Brazil

Percida Sales : 80s sex video

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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