Melanie Moore : Retro hairy lesbian pics


Name: Foreign Affairs

Duration: 66 min

Director: Scotty Fox

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1991

Actors: Tom Byron,Mike Horner,Jon Dough

Actress: Melanie Moore,Alexis DeVell,Traci Winn,Stacy Nichols

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Imagine yourself a foreign emissary in the midst of a politico-sexual uprising; a sort of coup d' tatas if you will. The threats. The deals. The intrigue. The quickies in the broom closet with an attachment from Moldavia. And you thought that all those dignitaries banged was their shoe on the table! Enter the dark but hilarious world of high-stakes espionage and low-cut colletage. But look both ways; someone's after your top-private briefs.

Melanie Moore : Retro hairy lesbian pics

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Retro hairy lesbian picsMelanie Moore1991United StatesEnglishScotty FoxAlexis DeVellTraci WinnStacy NicholsTom ByronMike HornerJon DoughFacialLesbian

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