60s sex : "Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 15"


Name: Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 15

Language: English


Year: 1969

Country: United States

Duration: 116 min

Well, well, well...it’s some nice ’60s college, for a change! Studying for their oral exams together, apparently... That ’60s sweetie, lolling around on her bed, is very pretty...which is more than can be said of the guy with sideburns chewing the pert breasts of the attractive bikini-tan blonde. There’s a mutton-chop hippie and a baby-doll blonde... Then a blonde, a black guy and a black girl in a threesome...now this is obscene (the black guy’s plaid pants, I mean). Next threesome is strictly white, dressed in purple. And the brunette in green, reading De Sade, considers uses for her heavy-handled whip.


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60s sex : "Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 15"

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


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