Kelly Trump - Mature sex retro germany


Name: Messalina

Actress: Kelly Trump,Olivia del Rio,Ursula Moore,Jessica Gabriel

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Actors: Hakan Serbes,Backey Jakic,Silvio Evangelista,Eros Cristaldi

Duration: 93 min

Country: Italy

Year: 1995

Director: Joe D'Amato

Language: German

Its the year 43 AD. Claudius reignes the Roman Empire, with Messalina,his attractive wife as Empress at his side. Messalina is a nymphomaniac, sex-obsessed woman who mercilessly exploits the domination of her husband to satisfy her unsatibly lust. Actively supported by Agrippina, Messalina turns the Roman court into a squalor of vices and perversions. One day, however, the emperor finds out whats going on behind his back. His revenge is cruel!

Kelly Trump - Mature sex retro germany

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Mature sex retro germanyKelly Trump1995ItalyGermanJoe D'AmatoOlivia del RioUrsula MooreJessica GabrielHakan SerbesBackey JakicSilvio EvangelistaEros Cristaldi

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