Barbara Dare nude - "Doctor Lust"


Name: Doctor Lust

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 65 min

Year: 1987

Director: Joe Verdi

A disturbed wife calls Dr. Lust's show after walking in on her husband having sex with her own best African American friend. She agrees to follow Dr. Lust's surprising advise that if you can't beat them, join them. Dr. Lust then tells a woman that what it takes to get her boyfriend's buddy to join a threesome is to first seduce her boyfriend and then move on to the buddy. A guy then calls in saying he's afraid his date would discover his massive masturbation "friction marks". Dr. Lust tells him to distract his date with food sex play. A second boyfriend calls in from bed to get a last minute help on how to perform cunnilingus on his waiting girlfriend. After reassuring him statistics show most men are clueless in this subject, Dr. Lust explains the technique. As he goes off air to follow her instructions on his girlfriend, the now excited Dr. Lust does the same on herself. A man follows Dr. Lust's advise on buying a seductive music tape and promptly has sex in an elevator with two of his new neighbors who soon switch to their own music tape. Eventually, a porn star, who is a devoted Dr. Lust fan, can't help himself but arriving on set. Dr. Lust recognizes him as the porn star from whom she learned everything, and agrees to his suggestion to return the favor. The show is immediately cut off the air, and Dr. Lust and the fan have sex on Dr. Lust's couch.

Actors: Mike Horner,Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Jon Martin,Francois,Sunny Glick,Scorpio

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Actress: Vanessa Del Rio,Lili Marlene,Barbara Dare,Angel Kelly,Melissa Melendez,Mauvais DeNoir,Kelly Richards,Alexis Greco,Ronnie Dickson,Patti Cakes

Barbara Dare nude - "Doctor Lust"

Saturday, April 15, 2017


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