Liliane Lemieuvre naked in "Couples complices"


Name: Couples complices

Actors: Alban Ceray,Guy Royer,Thierry de Brem,Andre Chazel,Siegried Cellier

Categories: Liliane Lemieuvre naked, 1977, France, English, Liliane Lemieuvre, Marie-Christine Chireix, Maude Carolle, Martine Grimaud, Emmanuelle Pareze, Elysabeth Blin, Alban Ceray, Guy Royer, Thierry de Brem, Andre Chazel, Siegried Cellier

Actress: Liliane Lemieuvre,Marie-Christine Chireix,Maude Carolle,Martine Grimaud,Emmanuelle Pareze,Elysabeth Blin

Jacques Lesure is received by his boss who tells him hes got promotion and must go to Paris, thus leaving his beloved wife in their town of Pontarlier. The couple have problems: he thinks she has a lover. Yet they still make love. (Notice the definitely out of rhythm boring organ music in the soundtrack - no pun intended.)The boss has an affair with his ary (who wouldnt!) while his wife has it her way with his chauffeur in her bathroom...

Year: 1977

Duration: 71 min

Country: France

Language: English


Liliane Lemieuvre naked in "Couples complices"

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


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